There are no strangers here;

“Only friends who have not met yet!”.

WB Yeats


Friendly and fun loving, André and Alison will welcome you aboard with true South African hospitality. They have been in, on or under the sea together for more than 30 years. They love the ocean and their passion is sharing it with you.

Whether it be teaching you the finer points of sailing or spotting unusual critters beneath the waves or beach-combing for treasures, they enjoy sharing their experiences with you.

They have sailed extensively around the coast of Africa and crossed the Atlantic together in 2011 and have been sailing the Caribbean Islands since.  They love exploring new destinations and making new friends. 

Their love, respect and shared passions make them an awesome team. they are dedicated to helping you make vacation memories to last a lifetime.


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Turquoise Turtle Charters is a Sailing Catamaran offering Private Charters.  Our relaxed, friendly atmosphere will set the pace for your dream holiday!

We want you to feel at home as you enjoy crystal clear waters, hearty, fabulous food, and experience local cocktail mixes or your favorite beverage while you relax and watch the sunset. Come make the Turquoise Turtle your Home At Sea!

Ideal for relaxing aboard, snorkeling in Caribbean waters, exploring nearby islands by kayak or SUP, or strolling on long white sandy beaches. ​Come sail with us and experience true South African hospitality!