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Lemon Shark Visitor

Diving the Rhone wreck

The wreck of the Rhone is one of our favorite dive sites in The British Virgin Islands.
The variety of life is something to behold. 
An 'unsinkable ship' met its match in a hurricane in 1867.
In a nutshell: after being dragged across the harbour by hurricane San Narsisco they decided to up anchor and run during the lull in the storm. They discovered their anchor was stuck around a coral head and had to cut it loose. Now, out of time they decided to run for open water. But the eye of the storm had passed and they were hit with the fury of a category 3 hurricane driving her onto Black Rock Point. As was normal in storms of the time passengers were tied to their beds to stop them rolling around and they stood no chance. Only 23 crewmen survived.
This beautiful Lemon Shark took an old carcas we had hanging off the boat. It was tied with string so no hooks and he was not hurt in this filming.
We thoroughly enjoyed his visit.
Isnt he magnificent!

Swimming with Dolphin

Diving with Reef Shark

We never feel more blessed than when wild Dolphin choose to join us in the water and swim with us. 

Swimming Pigs 

We visited the infameous swimming Pigs of the Bahamas.
An experience not to be missed!

Reunion of 'Talking Heads'

'Talking Heads' is one of our favorite past times, we couldnt have chosen a better venue for a 'Talking Heads' reunion - Sandy Spit in the  Bahamas
Fowl Cay Bahamas is one of our favorite shark dive sites. As you can see they fearlessly approach to see what we are. We love it when wild animals choose to interact with us. 

Dancing with Shark

While standing talking in the water at the mouth of the mangrove river someone onshore noticed we had a visitor. Look at the feet when he realises a shark is right next to him.