The Crew

Crew Profile

Friendly and fun loving, André and Alison will welcome you aboard with true South African hospitality.

They have been in, on or under the sea together for more than 30 years. They love the ocean and their passion is sharing it with you.

Whether it be teaching you the finer points of sailing or spotting unusual critters beneath the waves or beachcombing for treasures, they enjoy sharing their experiences with you.

They have sailed extensively around the coast of Africa and crossed the Atlantic together in 2011. They love exploring new destinations and making new friends. 

Their love, respect and shared passions make them an awesome team. they are dedicated to helping you make vacation memories to last a lifetime.

Captain André

Captain André spent his first 25 years as a Helicopter Pilot with the South African Airforce. His love of flying balanced with his love of the sea, all off duty times were spent sailing or diving. He retired from flying and followed his plan to live on the ocean travelling the world and sharing his passion. 
André has his Offshore Yachtmasters licence, he has about 25000 sea miles experience and is a SSI certified Dive master.

​First Mate: Alison

Alison has been sailing for about 45 years. First on a dam with her Dad and then with Andre on the ocean in South Africa, Brazil , the Caribbean and the Bahamas.
She is a Registered Nurse and qualified in BLS, CPR and first aid. She is also a registered midwife should the need arise.  
Alison has her offshore Captains license and has over 20000 nautical miles sailing experience. She loves to be in, on or under the sea. She is a certified Dive Master. 

​Princess Lulu

Raglins Linda Lu is this Princesses full title. Named after the Rolling Stones song of the same name. Her brother is Fancyman Blues and she has a sister called Angie.

She allows us to call her Lulu but please dont think that makes her less royal. From exploring in the African bush for her first 12 years of life she has adapted to being the spoiled Princess on the sea. She will greet you but prefers to stay near to her human mum or curled up on their bed.